AppSec Phoenix Offers Seamless Integration with Web Scanning Leader Netsparker, and Acunetix Delivering a Powerful Blow to Would-Be Cybercriminals

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AppSec Phoenix Smart Vulnerability Management

The vulnerability management platform teams up with Netsparker and Acunetix (part of Invicti group) to help clients quickly identify vulnerabilities and resolve them before costly breaches hit

LONDON, England (September 13, 2021)—Complex problems shouldn’t require complex solutions. That’s the philosophy driving the work of AppSec Phoenix, an innovative risk-based vulnerability management software that puts the power of digital security into the hands of application builders and businesses. As part of its mission to offer a comprehensive security environment to its clients, AppSec Phoenix is pleased to announce its partnership with Netsparker, an industry leader in web scanning services. 

AppSec Phoenix was founded by Francesco Cipollone, an award-winning cybersecurity expert. Cipollone is a thought leader in the applications security arena and has delivered security programming to some of the world’s largest brands, including Amazon AWS, HSBC, and other financial organisations.

Leveraging his deep industry knowledge, Cipollone founded AppSec Phoenix, a platform that simplifies smart security and risk-based vulnerability management for small- to medium-sized enterprises. The platform employs innovative AI technology and industry insights to secure clients’ software. By giving enterprises a simplified tool to solve complex security issues, AppSec Phoenix saves companies time and money by identifying and closing online loopholes that can cause damage to their reputations as a result of cyberattacks and security breaches. 

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AppSec Phoenix seamlessly integrates with many web scanners on the market, including industry leader Netsparker. Netsparker offers dynamic security analysis to help in-house tech teams identify and close vulnerabilities using its proprietary Proof-Based Scanning Technology

With Netsparker and AppSec Phoenix, security teams can take better control of their web development and catch vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do. The integration of these two tools consolidates and aggregates complex cyber exposures into an all-in-one dashboard that simplifies vulnerability tracking, risk metrics, impact insights, and more.

“The AppSec Phoenix team is pleased to partner with cyber security leader Netsparker to deliver a powerful security partnership that gives organisations a comprehensive security solution that is easy to deploy and understand,” said Cipollone. “With so many high-tech security tools on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones best meet your organisation’s needs, and some of them can be difficult to use. AppSec Phoenix has partnerships with the most trusted names in the business, such as Netsparker, and it seamlessly integrates with them, giving security teams a simplified yet comprehensive overview of their risks so they can quickly resolve them.”

Early adopting clients who sign up for AppSec Phoenix can receive a 50% discount on their services, limited to the first ten organisations that register.  

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About AppSec Phoenix

AppSec Phoenix was established to provide an effective all-in-one security solution for application developers and businesses. With our easy-use platform, we’ve simplified a notoriously complex problem faced by many companies, small and large, working in the finance field and beyond. Learn more by visiting


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Francesco is an internationally renowned public speaker, with multiple interviews in high-profile publications (eg. Forbes), and an author of numerous books and articles, who utilises his platform to evangelize the importance of Cloud security and cutting-edge technologies on a global scale.

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