Our business is to prioritize the risks to your business.

Control efficiency

Align on the right strategy and next steps for peace of mind knowing the entire organization is reducing your security risk.


Risk-based reporting
across application
and Cloud security


Set risk-based targets
that translate to tasks
automatically delivered
to developers


Risk position updated
in real-time with
cybersecurity monetary
exposure linked to risk

Cyber Risk Quantification

Stop reporting vulnerabilities, start acting on risk by quantifying the cybersecurity risk across application and Cloud security.

Automatically select and prioritize the vulnerabilities that are most likely to get exploited by leveraging real-time threat intelligence, exploitation of real-life vulnerabilities and real-time context.
Optimize the focus of security and promote a synergetic collaboration with developers by directing them towards the 10% of vulnerabilities that matter the most.

Leveraging business and contextual-based risk, we help you focus on what’s most likely to threaten your business and cause the most damage.
See the cybersecurity financial exposure, calculated in real-time, leveraging ACT on Risk and FAIR methodology.

A platform to benefit the whole business


I need help to identify the vulnerabilities that matter most, scaled to match the number of developers. How can I focus on risk instead of individual vulnerabilities?


Security is a board level issue. I need to provide my security team with the tools to do their job with brutal efficiency, minimizing the risk to the business.


When there are thousands of vulnerabilities, what I really need from the security team is a clear list of what to to focus on. When everything is a priority, nothing is.


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