Assess Application & Cloud Security. Then ACT on Risk.

Application Security & Cloud Security in Phoenix

Unify application security and Cloud security under one view to drive efficiency by identifying and acting on the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Chaos Clarity & Actions with Phoenix


From Vulnerabilities
to Actions

Platform Features

Dynamically prioritized Application and Cloud vulnerabilities leveraging Cyber threat intelligence, network location and business context.

With the Phoenix Security platform you are constantly on top of the vulnerabilities that are most exploitable.

Act on the vulnerabilities that matter most with real-time insights and risk-based posture.
AI-based prioritization and correlation that delivers you a real-time view on risk.

Deliver the vulnerabilities that matter most to the team that need to work on them.
Prioritize based on network location, cyber threat intelligence, application security, Cloud security and Container vulnerabilities, delivering remediation directly in the backlog of relevant teams.

Leverage the power of prioritization and contextualization to create a powerful and automatically updated backlog for developers.
Let developers and security operation work on the vulnerabilities that matters most.

A platform to benefit the whole business


I need help to identify the vulnerabilities that matter most, scaled to match the number of developers. How can I focus on risk instead of individual vulnerabilities?


Security is a board level issue. I need to provide my security team with the tools to do their job with brutal efficiency, minimizing the risk to the business.


When there are thousands of vulnerabilities, what I really need from the security team is a clear list of what to to focus on. When everything is a priority, nothing is.

How it works

Phoenix Security provides a risk-based view of your organization and the status of application software,
pre and post-deployment. Deliver and prioritize real-time vulnerabilities for your engineers by setting risk-based objectives.


Aggregate, Analyze, Act on Risk

Whilst business executives and the board relates to cybersecurity risk, they don’t understand volumetrics.
Therefore, security teams want to highlight the vulnerabilities that are most important to solve first.

The Phoenix Security platform aggregate appsec and Cloud data, contextualizing, correlating and prioritizing the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that matter most.

Visualize which software or asset is at the greatest risk, and focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Relationship Appsec and Cloudsec

Correlate, assess and understand the relationship between software and deployment assets in Cloud and on-prem, visualizing how one risk influences another.


Contextualize & Prioritize

Contextual Risk

Focus on the top 10% of vulnerabilities that matter most to your business.

Phoenix Security AppSec AI Insights recommend which vulnerability is most likely to be targeted, leveraging cyber threat intelligence, business context and network location.

Business Context

Prioritize vulnerabilities for the critical applications that could cause most damage to your business.
Then deliver the most significant of these vulnerabilities to the team that needs to look at them.


Risk to Action

Threat Intel

Stop burnout and focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most. See vulnerabilities through the eyes of a threat actor. Understand real-time, exploitable vulnerabilities through curated, actionable threat intel and Dark Web insights.

Act Fast. ACT Now.

Gruntwork is for AI, collaboration is for people.

Appsec, Cloud, and infrastructure scanning tools are noisy and don’t contextualize data. These tools often generate millions of alerts that remain non-actioned.

The Phoenix Security platform leverages cyber threat intelligence and AI insight to prioritize and contextualize vulnerabilities, delivering false-positive free vulnerabilities to the team that need to action them.

Latest Feature Releases

New Details and metadata on assets and vulnerabilities, improved SLA, Updated risk formula, Added domain in the contextual rules, Outbound asset API (preview) Security update on libraries

Compliance & Frameworks

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