Leveraging AI to test CVSS 4 a conversation with Christope Parisel


Christophe Parisel has a long history of leadership in cloud security and vulnerability. We explore in this webinar the power of ChatGPT and AI-based prompt engineering to analyse vulnerabilities.

🛠 The Topic: “CVSS V4 a detailed analysis of new algorithm using ChatGPT and the cases for bugs

Lost in the cloud of cybersecurity jargon? Christophe will clarify how AI technologies like ChatGPT can be leveraged for vulnerability analysis. He’ll take you from cloud nine to cloud secure. ☁️🔒

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recently Featured on the #cscp podcast :

💡 Why Attend?

  1. Decode the mysteries of AI in cloud security
  2. Gain actionable insights from an industry veteran
  3. Network with fellow cybersecurity enthusiasts
  4. Did we mention it’s free? We had you at ‘free,’ didn’t we? 😉

To know more about CVSS 4.0

Hot to use ChatGPT for data analysis:

Christophe Parisel Bio:

Christophe Parisel has been a cornerstone in cloud security architecture for over 16 years at Société Générale. Currently based in Paris, he has skillfully navigated the realms of Cloud Computing, IT Strategy, Information Security, and Risk Analysis. Christophe has served in various capacities, including as the Head of IT Security Architecture and has been a Cloud Security Architect since 2015. His passion lies not just in fortifying cloud architectures but also in imparting this knowledge to the community.


Francesco Cipollone (host)

Francesco is a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO of the Contextual-based vulnerability management platform from code to cloud Phoenix Security, author of several books, host of multi-award Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast, speaker and known in the cybersecurity industry and recognized for his visionary views. He currently serves as Chapter Chair UK&I of the Cloud Security Alliance. Previously, Francesco headed HSBC’s application and cloud security and was Senior Security Consultant at AWS. Francesco has been keynoting at global conferences and has authored and co-authored several books. Outside of work, you can find me running marathons, snowboarding on the Italian slopes, and enjoying single malt whiskeys in one of my favourite London clubs.



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