CVSS, Appsec EPSS, and vulnerability management


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This event will delve into the intricacies of risk-based prioritization, CVSS examining when it is effective and when it falls short. Participants can expect to gain insights into EPSS, CISA Kev, and prioritization systems, understanding the differences between risk-based and SSVC approaches. Furthermore, the event will shed light on the distinctions between application and infrastructure security, offering valuable options and considerations for vulnerability management in diverse contexts.

🚀 Join us on November 15th at 5 PM for an enlightening discussion on CVSS, Appsec EPSS, and vulnerability management where a risk-based prioritization works and when it does not, options and considerations

Hosted by 👨‍💼 Francesco Cipollone, and featuring the esteemed guest 👥 Stephen Shaffer from Peloton.

Don’t miss out on insights into EPSS, CISA Kev, CVSS, prioritization systems, and the differences between risk-based and SSVC approaches. Discover how to navigate the nuances between application and infrastructure security. Plus, we’ll unravel the metrics that truly matter in application and vulnerability management.

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🎯 Target audience:

  • Vulnerability Managers
  • Security Engineers
  • Application Security Engineers

Stephen Shaffer Bio:

Staff Security Automation Engineer @ Peloton

Stephen Shaffer is a seasoned security professional at Peloton Interactive, specializing in security automation, cloud services, and risk management. In his role as a Staff Security Automation Engineer, he leverages his skills in Vulnerability Research, AWS Lambda, Solution Architecture, and more to automate security processes and enhance the organization’s risk posture. Stephen’s impressive career journey includes a leadership role as Director of Cloud Security & Operations at Samtek Inc, where he managed programs for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Cloud. With a background in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, he’s equipped with the knowledge and certifications necessary to drive excellence in security across various domains.

🔗Connect with Stephen Shaffer on LinkedIn: Stephen Shaffer

👨‍💼 Francesco Cipollone Bio:

📋 Francesco is a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO of the Contextual-based vulnerability management platform from code to cloud Phoenix Security, author of several books, host of multi-award Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast, speaker, and known in the cybersecurity industry. Francesco currently serves as Chapter Chair UK&I of the Cloud Security Alliance. He previously headed HSBC’s application and cloud security and was a Senior Security Consultant at AWS. Francesco has been keynoting at global conferences and has authored and co-authored several books. Outside of work, you can find him running marathons, snowboarding on the Italian slopes, and enjoying single malt whiskeys in one of his favourite London clubs.

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