New Features Released – March-April 22

April Q2 Has new features coming (not April fool)

New Integrations:

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New security Screen to capture what is most impacting across the board 

New Quantification screen and Exposure over time

NEW Features

New Integrations:
– Qualys Web
– Burp Suite Professional import 
New Features:

– Security Dashboard screen.Overall Risk dials
– Exposure over time
– Deployable assets and the biggest cybersecurity hitters
– Asset View Cloud
– Containers
– vuln by container
– Exposure Over Time chart in the dashboard.
– Ability to configure a different ticketing platform/project per Component.
– Ability to (de)select all scanner targets while creating Components.
– More Granual Quantification
– Improve scanner and workflow deletion warning popups (info and layout).
– Make the phone optional if MFA is disabled.
– Improve behaviour on long lists of workflow projects/reports.
– Bug Fixes and minor UX/UI Improvements
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Contextual vulnerability management is a comprehensive approach to identifying, analyzing, and mitigating vulnerabilities in software and cloud infrastructure. It involves considering the specific context and environment in which vulnerabilities exist, including the software and hardware components, the network infrastructure, and the organizational policies and processes in place. By adopting this approach, organizations can more effectively assess and mitigate the risks posed by vulnerabilities, helping to protect their assets and maintain the security of their systems and networks.
Francesco Cipollone
Cyber security risk is challenging to calculate. Real-Time context, Cyber threat intelligence, Ownership Vulnerabilities, all part of the same continuum ->
Alfonso Eusebio
In today’s digital world, cyber threats are a real and growing concern for organizations of all sizes. As the threat landscape continues to evolve. we explore in this blog how to threat treats, which one to use in your prioritization strategy
Sally Turner

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