New Features Released – Jan-Feb 22

Beginning of the year, wars, a slowdown economy but that has not stopped us from getting you those amazing features

We have a new Mascotte (Diego the appsec cat)

Also, the team is working hard despite being in a tough spot (Ukraine war)

Get me to the new amazing features!

New Integrations:

  • Integrate with SNYK Container
  • Improve usage of Snyk data
  • Capture and display Snyk’s long description
  • Associate Snyk vulnerabilities with correct scan type
  • Integrate with GitHub CodeQL scanner
  • Import vulnerabilities in BurpSuite XML format
  • Complete SonarCloud integration
  • New Dome 9 extensions

New Workflow

  • Integrate with Azure DevOps
  • Integrate with GitHub Issues
  • Improved Comments, Security Context and other elements in Jira tickets
  • Working on Slack, ServiceNow

New Features:

  • OWASP Signup flow & New Free Licence
  • Zero-day vulnerability alerts and matching
  • Create screen Cloud Assets
  • Create screen for Containers (Dockerfile, image)
  • Enable Google OAuth flow (not used in Prod)
  • Complete False Positive flow
  • Complete Deployed Applications page
  • Complete changes to Apps and Envs pages
  • Updated permissions mechanism
  • Update license mechanism
  • Improvements to the Vulnerabilities list page
  • Display license details in Org Settings
  • Improve ASP Admin search
  • Improve Org Settings screen
  • Show Vuln Risk Elements as text in Summary
  • Update Selection Engine rules for vuln selection
  • Update Risk Formula

0 Day Alerts with auto-identification of the vulnerable apps

Asset inventory table & SLA/MTTO/MTTR
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Jeevan Singh

Founder of Manicode Security

Jeevan Singh is the Director of Security Engineering at Rippling, with a background spanning various Engineering and Security leadership roles over the course of his career. He’s dedicated to the integration of security practices into software development, working to create a security-aware culture within organizations and imparting security best practices to the team.
In his role, Jeevan handles a range of tasks, from architecting security solutions to collaborating with Engineering Leadership to address security vulnerabilities at scale and embed security into the fabric of the organization.

James Berthoty

Founder of Latio Tech

James Berthoty has over ten years of experience across product and security domains. He founded Latio Tech to help companies find the right security tools for their needs without vendor bias.

Christophe Parisel

Senior Cloud Security Architect

Senior Cloud Security Architect

Chris Romeo

Security Journey

Chris Romeo is a leading voice and thinker in application security, threat modeling, and security champions and the CEO of Devici and General Partner at Kerr Ventures. Chris hosts the award-winning “Application Security Podcast,” “The Security Table,” and “The Threat Modeling Podcast” and is a highly rated industry speaker and trainer, featured at the RSA Conference, the AppSec Village @ DefCon, OWASP Global AppSec, ISC2 Security Congress, InfoSec World and All Day DevOps. Chris founded Security Journey, a security education company, leading to an exit in 2022. Chris was the Chief Security Advocate at Cisco, spreading security knowledge through education and champion programs. Chris has twenty-six years of security experience, holding positions across the gamut, including application security, security engineering, incident response, and various Executive roles. Chris holds the CISSP and CSSLP certifications.

Jim Manico

Founder of Manicode Security

Jim Manico is the founder of Manicode Security, where he trains software developers on secure coding and security engineering. Jim is also the founder of Brakeman Security, Inc. and an investor/advisor for Signal Sciences. He is the author of Iron-Clad Java: Building Secure Web Applications (McGraw-Hill), a frequent speaker on secure software practices, and a member of the JavaOne Rockstar speaker community. Jim is also a volunteer for and former board member of the OWASP foundation.

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