CSCP S4EP07 – Caleb Sima – A Conversation with Caleb Sima – Bridging Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity and AI Promise for the Future

CSCP S4EP07 – Caleb Sima – A Conversation with Caleb Sima – Bridging Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity and AI Promise for the Future

Phoenix Security
Phoenix Security
CSCP S4EP07 - Caleb Sima - A Conversation with Caleb Sima - Bridging Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity and AI Promise for the Future

CSCP S4EP07 – Caleb Sima – A Conversation with Caleb Sima – Bridging Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity and AI Promise for the Future

Phoenix Security
Phoenix Security
CSCP S4EP07 - Caleb Sima - A Conversation with Caleb Sima - Bridging Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity and AI Promise for the Future


Phoenix Security
Phoenix Security
CSCP S4EP07 - Caleb Sima - A Conversation with Caleb Sima - Bridging Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity and AI Promise for the Future


This is an enlighting conversation with Caleb Sima a returning guest on the podcast – Bridging Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity and AI Promise for the Future.

Join us for the return of an esteemed guest, Caleb, for an engaging conversation with cybersecurity veteran Caleb Sima on our latest podcast episode. Caleb, known for his significant contributions to application security and executive roles in leading tech companies, shares his profound insights into the ever-changing world of cybersecurity. He highlights the importance of mastering offensive skills for effective defence, drawing on his vast experience to advocate for a mindset that aligns with understanding and countering attackers.


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This episode also delves into the critical foundations of cybersecurity, emphasizing the need for a broad spectrum of knowledge, including networking, engineering, and programming. We explore building securely, drawing insightful parallels between everyday safety mechanisms and the integrated security required in organizational infrastructures. Through this discussion, we uncover how intuitive security measures, akin to those in vehicles or smartphones like iPhones, can be mirrored in the seamless security systems within companies.

We further discuss the transformational challenges facing security professionals, evolving from defenders to builders, and the vital role of education in this paradigm shift. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of proactive and resilient security approaches to enhance user experience without compromising on protection.

Tune in to this enlightening episode to equip yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.


01:40 – Caleb Sima: Caleb shares his extensive background in cybersecurity, beginning in the 90s and spanning various roles and accomplishments.

03:34 – Francesco Cipollone: Discussion on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and its implications for newcomers to the field.

04:19 – Caleb Sima: Caleb’s advice to newcomers in cybersecurity emphasises the importance of understanding offensive security and mastering foundational knowledge.

07:44 – Francesco Cipollone: Francesco reflects on Caleb’s approach, discussing the potential biases and the importance of a foundational understanding.

08:12 – Caleb Sima: Caleb underscores the necessity of understanding attacks to identify fundamental security problems and prioritize risks.

10:50 – Caleb Sima: Insight into the relationship between effective security foundations, risk management, and compliance.

11:27 – Francesco Cipollone: A discussion on the concepts of security and safety and their interchangeability.

11:39 – Caleb Sima: Caleb’s perspective on transitioning from a focus on security to a broader concept of safety.

16:21 – Caleb Sima: The importance of minimizing damage in security incidents and the need for balanced approaches in threat identification, detection, and response.

17:15 – Caleb Sima: The role of security in organizational decision-making and the importance of integrating security from project inception.


21:11 – Francesco Cipollone: Highlighting the shift in security perspectives and the importance of proactive approaches to cybersecurity.

23:04 – Caleb Sima: Caleb discusses the gaps in awareness and knowledge within security teams and the importance of prioritizing security measures.

24:15 – Caleb Sima: Exploring the role of technology in building security foundations and the potential of AI and ML in addressing security challenges.

27:59 – Francesco Cipollone: Reflections on the cultural shift and the growing emphasis on collective responsibility in security.

29:53 – Caleb Sima: Caleb’s categorization of AI’s role in cybersecurity, focusing on securing AI technologies and utilizing AI to solve cybersecurity challenges.

34:18 – Francesco Cipollone: Discussion on protecting data from AI systems and considerations in data usage and monetization.

36:00 – Caleb Sima: Caleb speculates on the future of data usage restrictions and their potential impact on the internet landscape.

37:13 – Caleb Sima: Caleb concludes with a positive outlook on the growth of talent and knowledge in cybersecurity and the importance of ongoing education and awareness.


Caleb Sima
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/calebsima/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/csima
Other: https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna6713649 
Blog: https://medium.com/csima/from-founder-to-ciso-my-unconventional-journey-and-the-road-ahead-2fbc262a59be 
YL Profile: https://www.ylventures.com/people/caleb-sima/ 


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Francesco is an internationally renowned public speaker, with multiple interviews in high-profile publications (eg. Forbes), and an author of numerous books and articles, who utilises his platform to evangelize the importance of Cloud security and cutting-edge technologies on a global scale.

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